The Pearl Island Story

Located just eight miles from Nassau and one mile east of Paradise Island, Pearl Island is known for its warm, crystal-clear waters, stunning natural beauty, white-sand beaches, and its iconic Lighthouse!

The Vision

The vision for Pearl Island Bahamas was to create a unique Caribbean getaway - a Dream Island filled with tropical flair, art, culture, and music for locals and visitors alike.

Our goal was to create an unrelenting commitment to quality, service, and hospitality by going above and beyond the needs and wants of our guests.

Pearl Island Bahamas is also committed to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

-Meet our awesome staff-

Our Team

Our team members are our greatest asset.
We are proud of our excellent team who deliver an unparalleled level of service to our guests.

-Stunning Natural Beauty-

The Wildlife at Pearl Island

Pearl Island is a year-round home for several unique species. Get to know some of our friendly island neighbors – curly-tailed lizards, hermit crabs, Antillian nighthawks - and fascinating marine life during your stay.

We started this because we love the Bahamas, the culture, and the people.

-Managing Partner, Pearl Island Bahamas-

-Actions speak louder than words--


The environmental, cultural, economic, humanitarian, and public health effects of our business on the local community is very important to us. As such we’ve made an avid commitment to mitigate some of the more pernicious effects of our hospitality and tourism operation. Pearl Island Bahamas aims to carry out all its environmental, social and economic actions in line with the International Global Sustainable Tourism Standards and to comply with all national relevant legislation and regulations, and all company policies.

Environmental & Wildlife Protection

  • Safety & Etiquette Briefing for All Guests
  • Reef Protection Program
  • Compliance with All National Regulations
  • Supporting Environmental Organization

Business Ethics & Human Rights

  • Conducting business ethically by complying with the stringent policies and standards given by the Government of the Bahamas
  • No child employment
  • Sexual harassment and exploitation are strictly prohibited

Bahamian Experience

  • Selling Products Made in the Bahamas
  • Employing Bahamian Workforce
  • Supporting Local Artists

Use of Energy and Garbage Handling

  • Responsible Use of Energy
  • Use of Solar-powered Lights
  • Waste Regulations & Bahamian Product Exclusions

Supplies & Supplier Handling

  • Supplier & Product Evaluation and Review
  • Supplier Satisfaction Surveys
  • Ensure Health & Safety Regulations

Sustainability Management Plan

  • Yearly Review of Results
  • Implementation of Sustainability Actions
  • Encourage Team Members & Guests to Improve Our Impact on the Environment

Fresh Water Usage

  • Use of Reverse Osmosis (“RO”) System to Save an Enormous Amount of Water
  • Monitoring Water Use
  • Ensuring Waste Water is Not Discharged in the Ocean


  • Friendly, and creative 
work environment
  • Employee Training, 
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Health & Safety

Risk & Crisis Management

  • Providing a Safe, Healthy, and Enjoyable Vacation Experience
  • Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Working Environment
  • Minimizing the Impact of Activities on the Environment


Awards & Memberships